About JHDD

Driver Development—It's not just in our name, it's what drives us.

We are based in Westfield, IN—just minutes from the world’s racing capital and the most prestigious race track, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Our team is housed in a state-of-the-art race shop specifically designed to maximize the performance of both car and driver. Including an in-house simulator, custom machinery and dyno tuning center, our facility is the best in the business. The team was set up with a focus on providing the very best environment in the junior ranks of motorsport. Team Principal, Jay Howard strives to give back to the sport he dearly loves by teaching drivers the secrets of winning races, championships and being great leaders. Jay’s resume is full of championship titles and accolades. Passing this knowledge onto the drivers and watching them success is a true passion. Jay is the only driver in history to win the USF2000 championship as a driver and a team owner. To achieve this level of success, Jay has worked hard to make the best people and resources available to the driver development program. From former F1 and INDYCAR engineers, mechanics and drivers, to the latest technology and software, the program was built to separate our team from the rest and give the drivers the best tools to attain their goals. No matter what the driver’s goals are, we deliver.

A state-of-the-art approach & facility

We strive for perfection everyday, on and off the track. Our approach starts with evaluating and recommending a tailored program for each driver based on age, experience level and performance goals. Recommendations will consist of what series to race, equipment to utilize and number of test days/coaching sessions needed to meet the driver’s goals.

To assist in the training and development of each driver, our facility houses a variety of tools to help drivers become more familiar with the cars, circuits and engineers. We have a full-blown racing simulator to allow drivers to become familiar with new tracks and fine tune their race craft. Our team of engineers are also readily-available to review the driver’s data and driving telemetry. The drivers utilize this availability to learn more about the car setup and communication with the engineers.

To maximize the development of the cars, we have set up our facility to house Hudson Dyno Tuning, a state-of-the-art tuning center that uses a Dynojet 224x chassis dynamometer to measure the performance of the our cars in house. This allows us to maximize each car’s performance and assist in R&D. 

At the track, we utilize a purpose-built 53-foot race transporter that has a state of the art tent, trackside support with racing spares, private drivers lounge with A/C and full hospitality area for sponsors and parents. We strive to be the most professional outfit in the racing paddock.

Team Services

Our state-of-the-art approach continues in the flexibility of our program services. While we focus on our all-inclusive Arrive and Drive leasing programs, we offer the option for driver’s to own their own car and let us prepare, maintain and transport it to each event.

For our Arrive and Drive customers, just turn up with your kit bag and let us handle everything else. No hassle, no problems, just focus on driving. We provide driver coaching, engineering debriefs, technical advice, data and video analysis, track walks and full access to our hospitality area and driver’s lounge.

For customers who would like to own their equipment, we will store, service and tune your car, just as we do our own. This program is an exact replica of, and  includes the same at-track services and amenities as, the Arrive and Drive program, only the driver owns the car instead of the team.

Testing Programs

Preparation for any sport is critical, whether it is an intense pre-season test program in order for the driver to be ready for the first race of the season, or a driver looking to gain a year’s worth of testing experience to prepare for the following year’s racing season, JHDD creates custom testing packages for any drivers needs.

Our goal-oriented test program starts with Jay determining the ideal baseline car setup and lap time targets for each driver. We have a lot of data, video and other analytics for our drivers to look at and compare. In between sessions, drivers will review their data and onboard video, compare to previous data gathered by the team, receive coaching on how to improve, make the modifications and progress. We repeat this process throughout the day, constantly improving lap time and driving techniques.

Having previous champions data to look at and learn from is something not many teams can offer. Additionally, our ability to put Jay in the car at any given point during this program gives the team a distinct advantage, and is a critical asset in itself. Something that, again, separates the team from the rest.

Media Services

In choosing our media services partner, we wanted to work with a company that embraced the same levels of professionalism and quality that the JHDD team strives to provide on track. With that in mind, we looked no further than CoForce! 

From our marketing decks and photography, to social media and video production, the CoForce team produces engaging and creative media solutions for our team that best promote our drivers and partners.

Our mission

The mission of JHDD is to develop our own drivers internally by educating and passing down all of our knowledge to help the drivers perform to the very best of their ability.

Our job is to give the drivers all the tools, assets and information to win. If we are able to take a young driver and teach them the correct driving techniques, racecraft and mindset from the beginning, all while building their confidence, maintaining a consistent message and sense of continuity, the driver will be rewarded with results and championships.

Who better to teach this than Team Principal, Jay Howard—former Road To Indy Champion, IndyCar driver and now champion as a team owner—who has the experience, knows exactly what it takes and how to WIN.