JHDD Alumni

All JHDD alumni have either achieved the ultimate goal of progressing through the motorsport ladder to become professional racing drivers, or have left an ever-lasting impression on the JHDD program. Utilizing the skills achieved, and lessons learned, through graduation of the program, these elite pilots are posters for the success of JHDD.

Our mission

The mission of JHDD is to develop our own drivers internally by educating and passing down all of our knowledge to help the drivers perform to the very best of their ability.

Our job is to give the drivers all the tools, assets and information to win. If we are able to take a young driver and teach them the correct driving techniques, racecraft and mindset from the beginning, all while building their confidence, maintaining a consistent message and sense of continuity, the driver will be rewarded with results and championships.

Who better to teach this than Team Principal, Jay Howard—former Road To Indy Champion, IndyCar driver and now champion as a team owner—who has the experience, knows exactly what it takes and how to WIN.